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John's Book Pages

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I cannot live without books.
- Thomas Jefferson

Welcome. Have a seat. Take a minute to look around.

These are my book pages; I made them because I want to keep track of my continuing struggle to avoid letting the grind of university life prevent me from reading interesting books, and because I like to think that my opinions are useful to people who are looking for a good read. Also, writing about books forces me to think more critically about what I read. However, as of July 2003 I'm an assistant professor and unfortunately this will probably keep me from spending very much time reading or working on these pages.

Books most recently read:
     The Demon Princes vol 2 -- Jack Vance
     The Demon Princes vol 1 -- Jack Vance
     Lucky Jim -- Kingsley Amis
     Complicity -- Iain Banks
     Into Thin Air -- Jon Krakauer
     Climbing Ice -- Yvon Chouinard
     Castleview -- Gene Wolfe
     Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix -- J. K. Rowling
     Hobo -- Eddy Joe Cotton
     Count Zero -- William Gibson

Recent favorites:
     Straight Man -- Richard Russo
     Neuromancer -- William Gibson
     The Dream Machine -- M. Mitchell Waldrop

Recent real reviews:
     Laws of Form -- George Spencer-Brown
     A Discipline of Programming -- Edsger W. Dijkstra
     Real-Time Systems and Software -- Alan C. Shaw


Pages last updated on Wed Oct 15 11:24:17 MDT 2003.

There are now 454 reviews.

These pages were mentioned in the Washington Post on Feb 18, 1999; the article is available in html and as a scan of the paper copy.

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